Four book Special - Two signed copies of Too Hot and two copies of Underground (PRESALE)


Note: This is a presale. Books will ship first week of December.

This represents a 10% discount on all four books.

1) Too Hot - photos with an emphasis on the male nude and erotica. A collection of recent photos I've created since my last book Sinner or Saint. A hardcover photo book with a special, cloth cover and print inlay, 160 pages and measuring approx. 13.5 inches by 10.25 inches. Since the front cover image is highly erotic, there is a removable "belly band." See photos.

2) Underground - vintage photos from my collection with an emphasis on the male nude and erotica. Also clothbound and 160 pages, slightly smaller than Too Hot, 12.5"X10" This is a follow up to my sold out book, My Naked Soldier except the subjects are both military and non-military spanning a time period from 1880-1970.

*The two and four book special is the only way to get a signed copy of Too Hot

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